Fueling All Destinations

Committed to providing reliable transportation solutions, Stardust Transportation operates throughout the Midwest, Ohio, South Carolina, Arizona, Texas, Georgia, and Florida and has the ability and operating authority to deliver within all 48 states of the continental United States.
Stardust Transportation maintains a large fleet of custom single compartment trailers and compartmental trailers, and traditionally designed trucks to assure quality control is maintained for specialty fuels and petroleum products that our partners and customers require. Our product transportation flexibility allows us to better serve our clients, assisting them with fast, efficient, and reliable transportation services. Stardust Transportation has a Customs Bond and delivers duty-free jet fuel to customers in Florida.

Why Our Clients Choose Stardust

Certified Professional Drivers

High Safety and Punctuality Rate

Wide Fleet of Delivery Vehicles

Customer Satisfaction Guarantee


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Our Pledge

Our goal, as a leading freight management solutions corporation, is to recognize the highest priority of safety for our employees and customers, as well as fellow citizens with whom we come in contact sharing the highways together.

We carefully select quality employees and provide training to ensure that each employee is capable to accomplish their part in providing service that is efficient and meets quality expectations.

We strive for friendliness and understanding among employees in order to harbor a proactive and successful environment, which in turn generates quality freight management services for all of our clients.